05/22/2021 • Access control and clocking • Building Security • Fire prevention • IT and IT Security • Machine safety, industrial safety • Video security and monitoring

Honeywell Novar: Connected Life Safety Services

Honeywell Novar: Platform for Fire Protection Systems

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With Honeywell CLSS, detailed reports are available anytime, anywhere. System testing is taken to the next level to ensure all equipment is tested. CLSS enables straightforward maintenance, quickly providing technicians with the information to locate and fix problems.

Downtime is reduced before it leads to unforeseen operating costs. All assets can be viewed holistically at all times to ensure sites are operating effectively. Real-time connectivity across sites provides visibility into scheduled system tests, inspection reports and equipment inventory thereby allowing systems to be maintained quickly and efficiently.

Honeywell Connected Life Safety Services puts connectivity at the heart of fire safety, providing visibility to make timely and accurate decisions.

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