Novar GmbH

Novar GmbH

a Honeywell Company

Forumstra├če 30
41469 Neuss

Phone: +49(0)1627330436


Fire alarm technology, fire protection, fire detection, Control Panels, software, Energy Supplies, Displays and Operating Units, Network Technology, Emergency Key Boxes, Transponders, automatic fire detectors, Manual Call Points, Detectors for Special Applications, Powered loop - Alarm Devices, Door release systems, Hazardous area protection, housing, fire detection control units, Optical signalling devices, acoustic signalling devices, local alarm actuation, Smoke Heat Ventilation Modules, Fire Detectors, Anchor Plates, Holding Magnets, Door Closers, Extinguishing systems, Heat Detectors, Flame Detectors, Air Duct Detectors, Line Heat Detectors, Line Smoke Detectors, Aspirating Smoke Detectors, Domestic Smoke Detectors, RS-BUS system components, Fire Service Key Boxes, voice alarm

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