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In search of more flexible security, this Belgian expo centre swapped mechanical keys for key-based access control

London, March 2021 – Size can be a major factor for any security project. The bigger the scale, the greater the challenge. With hundreds of doors and a 3km perimeter, the Flanders Expo is larger than most buildings. They sought a modern replacement for mechanical locking — which was “time consuming and not practical for users,” according to Bart Serraes, Operations Supervisor for the Easyfairs Group.

Choosing electronic security made sense: it saves security staff wasting time travelling physically around a big site. Wireless door devices were also important, because laying a projected 10km of cabling would be expensive and impractical.

Locking technology would need to serve both interior and exterior doors; Flanders Expo has many of both. Insurance requirements demanded electronic locking technology which could also activate deadbolts.

Key-operated CLIQ® electromechanical locking ticked all the boxes: “CLIQ intelligent key technology provides the familiar security of traditional locking alongside the powerful features of electronic access control,” says Stephan Schulz, CLIQ Product Manager at ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions EMEA.

CLIQ has a unique combination of high-end mechanical and electronic protection. A range of key-operated electromechanical cylinders and padlocks maximise physical attack resistance. CLIQ technology layers encrypted, user-friendly electronic security on top — adding control and convenience without adding wires: all CLIQ devices are wireless. Power to operate lock microelectronics comes from a standard battery inside every CLIQ key, with a lifetime of up to 10 years.

And because it is key based, CLIQ offers a simple step up from mechanical security. “As a company, we needed a more flexible system. That's how we chose CLIQ,” adds Bart Serraes.

Electromechanical deadbolts meet insurance requirements — and more

Programmable CLIQ electromechanical locks now secure over 200 interior doors at the exhibition hall, as well as 100-plus openings around the building’s perimeter. Because CLIQ’s programmable keys can operate the deadbolt — not just the latch-bolt — door security meets standards set by Easyfairs’ insurers.

The electronics inside every lock are activated when a battery powered CLIQ key is inserted, meaning no door wiring was needed.

With their mechanical system, “the chance of losing keys was high, the process to get new keys not user-friendly,” says Bart Serraes. Now they can program keys to allow access for different types of user, using the intuitive CLIQ Web Manager software. They flexibly grant or deny access to both internal users and external partners and suppliers — and revoke rights in any lost key without needing to change the locks. CLIQ is a “flexible system for determining access rights,” says Bart Serraes.

Flanders Expo became the first Easyfairs site to install CLIQ access control. A second venue has already followed. Partnering with a global market leader, with a long history of innovation and service provision, gives Easyfairs a system which is reliably supported and can evolve over time.

Perimeter and interior security now have the flexibility they need: CLIQ locks can be installed and integrated into their access control system anytime.

To learn more about key operated CLIQ® mechatronic access control technology, download a free Solution Guide at https://campaigns.assaabloyopeningsolutions.eu/cli

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