06/30/2020 • Microscopy / Imaging

Miltenyi Biotec: Ultra Microscope Blaze

Miltenyi Biotec: Light Sheet Microscope

The Ultra Microscope Blaze is the first fully automated light sheet microscope. This instrument allows users to image an entire mouse or multiple smaller samples, such as rodent brain or tumor tissue, at subcellular resolution in 3D. Data acquisition does not require any manual handling or supervision.

The system uses light sheet illumination that is perpendicular to the axis of observation. This decoupling of illumination and fluorescence detection allows the microscope to operate as a virtual microtome that is able to visualize large transparent specimens in 3D. Moving the sample through the light sheet produces a stack of images that can be combined to produce a composite 3D image, which in turn can be analyzed at subcellular resolution. Optimized illumination enables homogeneous fluorescence excitation, and the specially developed MI Plan objective series provides very good image quality. In combination with the automated magnification changer, these objectives can achieve a total magnification from 0.6× to 30× for subcellular imaging.

Further information: https://www.miltenyibiotec.com/DE-en/products/ultramicroscope-blaze.html

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