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Dahua Technology: DH-TPC-BF5421-T

Dahua Technology: Thermal Camera for Fever Screening

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Dahua’s thermal imaging camera effectively measures absolute temperatures and uses AI to calculate the human body temperature, making it according to the manufacturer’s statement ideal for fever screening of all sizes. The accuracy of the temperature measurement is ± 0.3 °C and is, according to the manufacturer, as accurate (or more accurate) as a classic clinical thermometer. Even 0.1 °C makes a big difference, as many people are detected by natural variation even without being sick at 37.0 °C. Glasses and masks also disturb the measurement result. Therefore, the AI combines different measuring points in the face to calculate the body temperature.

The Dahua thermal imaging camera, for example, only detects people from 37.5 °C and thus ensures a minimum of false alarms. Body temperature is personal data (GDPR), which is why the camera is certified by TÜV Rheinland and thus complies with IoT safety guidelines.

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