06/30/2004 • Microscopy / Imaging

Simple. Intelligent

Carl Zeiss has enhanced AxioVision's existing functionality with new modules, and, in doing so, has optimized the recognized strong points of the software in a logical way:
The new "MosaiX" module makes the acquisition of high-resolution images possible. Used in conjunction with the modules for multidimensional image acquisition,
previously unobtainable results are now within reach: images in 6 dimensions –
and with high resolution, too.
With the "Commander", you can record all the steps of a workflow and save them
as a script – no programming is required. The scripts are then executed with just one click of the mouse. This guarantees simple and reproducible results, even for complex tasks.

Image Acquisition in a New Dimension: Multidimensional MosaiX Images
Specimens – which are sometimes significantly larger than a camera's field of view – are scanned using motorized stages. Up to now mosaic applications have been
restricted to the generation of a two-dimensional composite image, which fails to
satisfy demands for multidimensionality – now the standard in the field of life sciences.
With AxioVision it is different. The new MosaiX module has been seamlessly integrated into the existing modules for multidimensional image acquisition (multichannel fluorescence, Z-stack and time lapse images, e.g. on multiwell plates). The MosaiX module also works seamlessly with the Carl Zeiss ApoTome, the innovative technique for generating optical sections. The result is a high-resolution multidimensional image of the specimen, possibly rendered in 3D using the Inside4D module.
  • Features:
  • Image acquisition using digital cameras
  • Automatic generation of high-resolution, large-surface images in multiple dimensions with a scanning stage – in 2D also manually.
  • Unmixing of spectrally overlapping fluorescence channels
  • Automation of workflows with batch processing
  • Fast and easy measurement through wizard-assisted generation of measurement programs
  • J VBA programming environment for own application development
  • J Integration of motorized Zeiss microscopes
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