05/24/2020 • Fire prevention • Machine safety, industrial safety

Asecos: Ion-Line

Asecos: Safety Storage Cabinets

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Safety storage cabinets are designed for passive or active storage of lithium-ion batteries according to EN 14470-1 and -1363-1 with a fire resistance of 90 minutes – fire protection from the outside-in. All models of the Ion-Line (widths 120 cm, 60 cm) offer fire resistance for more than 90 minutes when exposed to fire from the inside-out.

In accordance with TRGS 510, the cabinets are classified as a storage section – the specifications of VdS 3103:2016-05 are thus met. The Battery Store Pro and Battery Charge Pro models also feature a 3-stage warning/fire suppression system in the interior of the cabinet (ready-to-plug-in): a fire in the cabinet is detected immediately – this provides increased safety.

There’s a particulary high risk as soon as batterives are charged unattended outside working hours. This minimizes the risks of spontaneous combustion when charging the batteries.

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