05/17/2018 • Image processing / Optical metrology

Correctal TA Camera Lenses

Telecentric lenses with coaxial illumination

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Integration of a collimated bright field illumination inside a telecentric lens has already been a common principle for years. Due to large angles of incidence at the beam splitting surface, intensity varies considerably and leads to significant reservations, especially for large field of view. A modular setup offers the possibilities of an exchange of a polarized beam splitter to a non-polarized one and an add-on retardation plate to improve the polarized beam path. Therefore, an improved homogeneity and brightness of the illumination and a higher measurement precision are achievable, even for large field of view, considering the demands of the application.

The modular setup innovation of Correctal TA lenses enables a simple evaluation and optimization for a certain application. It offers the possibility to ensure the best solution regarding object size, object surface texture, light intensity and stop setting.

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