03/22/2016 • Image processing / Optical metrology • Metrology

Image Dimension Measurement System / IM Series

A new era in the dimension measurement: KEYENCE model series IM

KEYENCE's revolutionary approach combines the advantages of conventional measurement procedure and is faster and more accurate. The simple operating concept is the basis for user-independent measurements.

Measurements performed in seconds

  • Automatic recognition of position and origin
  • Perform hundreds of measurements with a single press
  • Easily perform over 100 measurements simultaneously

Uniform measurement results regardless of the operator

  • Automated focus adjustment every time
  • Automated lighting settings every time
  • Automated routine applied every time

Intuitive interface that anyone can use

  • Easily set up measurements with just a few clicks
  • Virtual elements such as center lines are automatically extracted
  • Dedicated tools make it easy to inspect any shape

Easy data management

  • Measurement results are automatically recorded
  • Get immediate feedback on trends and variations
  • Complete inspection reports in seconds


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