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The vision sensor platform with a fully integrated flash controller & Color FEX®

The VeriSens® XC series offers the full functionality of the XF series and in addition strong adaptability to complex applications. This makes it versatile and universally usable: whether with the fully integrated flash controller, C-mount connector for lenses, CCD sensor technology for high-quality image capture or the modular tube system. Thanks to the intelligent 3D color assistant Color FEX®, setup is revolutionarily simple and fast.

The intuitive and unified user interface was created based on customer feedback. The XC series hardware can be scaled to perfectly match any application, thanks to its well-designed modular approach.

Special Feature

With the VeriSens® XC series the frequently required external flash controller is no longer necessary because it is already built-in. This means that you can benefit from the advantages of external lighting, without having to bother with time, space and cost intensive accessories. Parameterization is carried out intuitively using the VeriSens® Application Suite.

The lens protection is based on a modular design: whichever lens you select – VeriSens® XC follows the application and not vice-versa.

VeriSens® with Color FEX® makes color verification an easy thing. With Color FEX® incorporating the idea of an intelligent assistant, VeriSens® offers a unique functionality. After teaching the relevant object colors within the sensor-defined color range, color tolerances are visualized by the radius of 3D spheres which are verified upon collisions with each other. The color defined in the sphere center is assigned a name by the system – which means, a yellow area is also named yellow.

Areas of Application

Presence check, Position recognition, Size checking (angle, lengths, thicknesses, heights, inclination), Position detection and checking, Shape/size recognition

Reading text/codes (OCR/OCV), Edge detection, Item detection, Completeness checks, Pick & place, Color identification and inspection (also  self-luminous colors)

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