05/12/2015 • Security, Video Security, Video Surveillance


SeeTec: BVI - Process Support With Video Technology

Themed „Business Video Intelligence“, SeeTec AG develops solutions, which combine image streams with data related to transactions and processes. SeeTec BVI makes it possible to integrate video technology with business processes, which as a result contributes directly to a company’s value creation. A specific research client makes the research for particular events very simple and convenient, based on flexible driver technology 3rd party systems can easily be connected.

Interfaces to database-driven systems such as PoS or ERP solutions or to individual devices such as ATMs provide the opportunity to support processes in various industries such as retail, logistics or banking through a combination of video footage and transaction data - thus saving time, costs and increasing process security. SeeTec BVI combines requirements regarding security and the support of business processes in one joint system approach and infrastructure. It is not limited to pre-defined data sources but can be seamlessly embedded into business processes through its flexible interface concept.

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