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Online-FFT now integrated in the measurement software for AUTOLOG3000 / PICAS-Touch

Expanded functionality AUTOSOFT 3000

Bochum, June 2015 – The data-acquisition and presentation software AUTOSOFT 3000is the result of a long tradition of user-friendly measurement software from Peekel Instruments.

It supports the universal measurement systems AUTOLOG 3000 and PICAS-Touch. In the software the channels can easily be placed in measurement groups and both numerical and graphical output groups. This results in a clear  overview of the measurement, even when a large number of channels is measured.

Virtual channels with numerous mathematical functions as well as online Rosette calculations complete this versatile software package. The settings for sensors can easily be entered or measured online and saved in a sensor database. The functionality of the measurement software has been expanded with an online FFT with presentation. This enables the user to see the main frequencies in the measured signal without having to use a separate software package. AUTOSOFT 3000 runs on all PC’s with Windows XP or higher.   

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