03/31/2015 • Analytics • Image processing / Optical metrology • Laboratory appliances • Laboratory diagnostics

ICPE-9800 - simultaneous ICP optical emission spectrometer

Simultaneous ICP Optical Emission Spectrometers

Shimadzu has released the ICPE-9800 series of simultaneous ICP optical emission spectrometers.

Featuring user-friendly software, a proprietary design, Eco mode and enabling high-speed simultaneous analysis of multiple elements, these instruments improve throughput while reducing operating costs. The optical emission spectrometer series is used for analytical service- and quality control laboratories in a variety of fields involving environmental samples, drinking water, foods, pharmaceuticals and petrochemical materials.

The series consists of the ICPE-9810 which provides axial view plasma observation in a direction coaxial to the plasma, and the ICPE-9820 which in addition to axial view provides radial view plasma observation in the perpendicular direction. This dual view capability allows measurements to switch automatically between high-sensitivity axial view and highaccuracy radial view, enabling analysis of elements across a broad concentration range with a single method.

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