02/14/2015 • Analytics • Laboratory appliances

Series R6 - diaphragm isolation liquid valve

Miniature Liquid Valve

The Precision Fluidics Division of Parker Hannifin has released a diaphragm isolation liquid valve, the Series R6.

This 6.4 mm valve improves the performance of clinical diagnostic and analytical chemistry systems requiring precision fluidics and delivers liquid dispense capability in a very small package. It can be easily mounted over microplates, and when mounted on a manifold, the valve’s very small footprint shortens fluid channels creating more efficient fluid circuits. The Series provides solutions for demanding analytical, clinical and agent detection applications.

It is suited for applications such as in-vitro diagnostics, hematology, molecular diagnostics, flow cytometry, genomics, proteomics, liquid handling, sample preparation, chromatography and precision flow control.

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