11/04/2014 • Analytics • Laboratory appliances

Mitra (RUO) - Microsampling Device

Microsampling Device

Neoteryx has launched the Mitra (RUO) Microsampling Device for the collection, transport, storage, and analysis of biological fluids.

In seconds, the research use only (RUO) Mitra Microsampler collects 10 μl of fluid resulting in accurate and precise quantitative data while eliminating the volumetric blood hematocrit bias typically associated with the dried blood spotting technique. Based on Volumetric Absorptive Microsampling (VAMS) technology, the patent pending Microsampling Device is attuned to biological fluid collection needs. T

he design features facilitate high-throughput and serial sampling, fluid draws from live hosts or tubes, and the ability to collect precise microsamples with limited training and no specialized lab equipment.

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