09/10/2014 • Laboratory appliances • Microscopy / Imaging

Confocal Module DSD2

Laser-Free Confocal Module for Fluorescence Microscopes

Andor Technology announced the launch of the DSD2, the latest confocal in the Company’s Revolution se­ries.

The compact, laser-free confocal module can be fitted to most fluorescence microscopes, old and new. With the addition of the manufacturer’s sCMOS camera technology it delivers a large field of view and high dynamic range for a very high image qual­ity. The module uses a broadband white light source instead of lasers it can image any fluor by se­lection of filters and is cost-effective to pur­chase and maintain.

Tested with a number of different microscopes, including the combi­nation with fluorescence macroscopes and stereomicroscopes, the product produces high contrast, high quality 3D images.

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