06/01/2014 • Automation • Laboratory appliances • Microscopy / Imaging

AFM with Automated, Multiple Tip Exchange

NT-MDT´s Titanium is the first AFM with a self-aligning, multiple probe cartridge for fast, automated tip exchange.  The Revolution Cartridge simplifies one of the most challenging steps in AFM workflow: tip exchange and alignment. Revolution holds 38 tips.  As each new probe moves into position, the AFM automatically centers and aligns the probe and laser, cutting downtime for tip exchange as well as opening AFM to less sophisticated users and more routine applications.

Real-time detection of cantilever deflection allows Titanium to collect topographic, mechanical and electrical properties in a single pass, with high quality and spatial resolution. Its robust, stable engineering guarantee exceptionally low drift (0.2 nm/min) and low noise level (25 fm/√Hz).

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