06/01/2014 • Security, Video Security, Video Surveillance

Mobotix: M15D-Thermal

Thermographic camera

The new modules of the thermographic camera measure the thermal radiation of objects and persons and therefore work even in complete darkness. In connection with the Mobotix MxActivitySensor motion detection software, it is possible to detect movements in the image reliably also at night. Only changes in location trigger a signal, while objects moving in place do not. Also at daytime, thermal modules provide an advantage, because they also capture objects moving in the shadows, in twilight or behind bushes.

The advantages of an M15-Dual camera with a thermal module and daylight sensor originate from the combination of both images: images taken by day or also in the twilight produce high resolution 5-megapixel images, while movements at night are detected reliably. The Mobotix thermal modules have been certified as weatherproof according to IP65. Like daylight modules, they are available in different focal lengths.

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