03/11/2014 • Analytics • Food design, hygiene and monitoring • Image processing / Optical metrology • Laboratory appliances • Microscopy / Imaging

Long time recording of rapid industrial processes

For monitoring and analyzing rapid processes, as is the case in packaging and production machines, Promon Scope provides an Oscilloscope for the production engineer. Promon Scope allows recording of processes at a high frame rate, and subsequent playback in slow motion. As a result, even the fastest processes can be analyzed in detail, facilitating necessary adjustments to mechanical systems.
This portable, high-speed camera system - network-independent thanks to a built-in battery - supports frame rates of up to 2000 fps at recording times of several minutes. Apart from the trigger input for discrete signals (e.g. directly from SPS), Promon Scope offers two A/D inputs that enable recording of external signals synchronized to frame rates, and graphical display thereof. The recorded images can be transferred to a PC, edited using the supplied software, or converted to a desired format.

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