11/30/2012 • Automation • Food design, hygiene and monitoring • Image processing / Optical metrology


GigE cameras with CCD and CMOS models for resolutions from VGA up to 4 megapixels while acquiring up to 160 fps

VisiLine, a new series of GigE cameras introduced by Baumer , redefines standards for industrial image processing. The cameras combine a multitude of innovations that offer perfect image quality, simple integration and reliable long-term stability.

The new camera series comprises CCD and CMOS models with resolutions from VGA up to 4 megapixels while acquiring up to 160 fps. The improved integrated color calibration ensures top-grade image quality standards. It permits virtually identical color reproduction by all cameras of a model series and therefore simplifies especially applications with multiple, simultaneously operating cameras.

The CMOS models additionally feature FPN correction and integrated HDR. This eliminates sensor-related banding in the image and enables the acquisition of images with major brightness variations in one scene. Image evaluation is consequently simplier and more robust. This applies particularly to the inspection of homogeneous or reflecting surfaces. Since HDR image capturing is already performed in the camera with a single acquisition, the otherwise necessary software provisions for offsetting multiple images can be dispensed. Higher frame rates can therefore be achieved so that, for example, fast processes can be inspected.

The transferable user sets enable all configurable parameters to be saved in the camera and the user’s PC. Stored configurations can thus be loaded onto any number of cameras at any time. This makes it even easier to integrate new cameras and allows reduced maintenance costs. Baumer’s proven industrial design, in which for example the image sensors are mounted on a carrier strip, ensures optimal heat dissipation to the housing and a highly precise, durably stable sensor position. The new models of the VisiLine series have already been prepared for GigE Vision 2.0.

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