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Slim UV Transilluminator

Spectronics Corporation’s Slimline Series UV transilluminator is a space-saver in crowded research laboratories. It measures 111/2 x 14 x 21/4 inches (29.2 x 35.6 x 5.7 cm), the size of an average laptop, yet it has virtually all the features of largern transilluminators. It delivers a typical peak 312 nm intensity of 9,000 μW/cm2 at the filter surface, and is particularly suited for visualization and photo documentation of mini gels.

A diffusing screen ensures superior light distribution, and eliminates confusing light striations caused by the contours of the tubes. The Longlife filter glass inhibits solarization up to 50 times longer than ordinary filters, the Company claims. The transilluminator has a hinged UV-blocking cover, which protects users from UV radiation and shields the glass filter from damage caused by objects dropping on it. The instrument ensures minimal photobleaching, photonicking and photodimerization, because it eliminates transmission of harmful 254 nm radiation.

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