08/31/2012 • Automation • Machine safety, industrial safety

Shortron – ultra-flat actuators for min. mounting depth – IP67

Schlegel extends their product range by extremely compact actuators. At first glance, they seem to be part of the design-awarded Rontron-R-Juwel series: they are very flat (2mm), circular (dia.=28mm) and titanium-lacquered.

But a closer look reveals clear differences: the actuators of the Shortron series can also be equipped with convex lenses. The most remarkable features are the short stroke of 2.3mm and the resulting minimal mounting depth of only16mm – including contact element! This small dimension is not only due to the short stroke but also to the contact elements of the PT…type series, which are an integrated part of the well-known compact emergency-stop pushbuttons FRVK.

Said contact units are available with NC, NO or combined switching functions, with illuminating option and either with PCB-mount or Faston terminals. According to IEC/EN 60947-5-1, the rated operating voltage is 250V AC/DC and the continuous thermal current 2.5A/DC or 5A/AC.

In the event that Shortron actuators have to be combined on the same board with an emergency-stop button of the FRVK series – featuring a mounting depth of only 9mm – a titanium-lacquered spacer can be provided to reduce the mounting depth of the actuators to 9 mm.

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