08/29/2012 • Metrology • Sensor Technology

Compact flow monitors for oil with extended measuring range spread

Meister Stroemungstechnik presents new flow monitors for oil with extended measuring range spreads. The flow monitors, types DKME and DKME/A complement the proven series DKM and DKM/A, and presents the user the opportunity to monitor a wider flow rate range.

The monitors, type DKME from Meister Stroemungstechnik are used to monitor flow rates of oils and other viscous fluids. The distinctive feature of these devices, which operate on the float measuring principle, is viscosity compensation, which means, even though the viscosity of the fluid being measured changes, the flow rate can still be monitored reliably within the preset values. The compensation is valid within the range of a kinematic viscosity from 30 to 600 cSt.

In contrast to series DKM, the DKME type monitors are equipped with a measuring cone that dives into the calibrated orifice of the float. When the float is displaced by the media flow, the measuring cone provides additional cross sectional area for the medium, thereby extending the measuring range spread of the device. The compact form of the device, with only 130mm (without screw connections), remains unchanged. Additionally, an integrated readjusting spring supports the space-saving installation, since the device can be oriented in any position in the machine or plant.

Electrical monitoring is accomplished through a reed contact, encapsulated in a cast housing not in contact with the medium flow, and is switched by magnets in the float. As an option, instead of the standard one switch point, up to four switch points can be monitored independently within the measuring range.

Additionally, device types DKME/A are equipped with a mechanical display, which enables the medium flow to be monitored visually. The sturdily built devices are available in brass or stainless steel. Depending on the version, a pressure resistance of up to 300 bar may be obtained. In the standard version, the flow monitors operate reliably at temperatures up to 120°C; a high temperature version permits operation to 160°C. Six measuring ranges, from 1 - 20 l/min to 15 - 80 l/min are available. The flow monitors are also available in explosion-proof (ATEX) compliant versions

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