08/29/2012 • Metrology • Sensor Technology

“easy-to-use“ measurement technology – clear and simple

PICAS-Touch is the latest generation of manual and PC controlled measurement technology for almost every type of sensor. Because of the intuitive operation with 18 cm touchscreen, learning how to use the system is easy.

The PICAS-Touch has both, an Ethernet and USB interface which allows fast and synchronous data capture with every PC. For stand-alone data-logging, the system is equipped with 512 Mb on-board flash memory and a SD memory card slot.

The PICAS-Touch housing has three slots for measurement cards from the AUTOLOG 3000 series. These allow the measurement of straingauges in 1/1-, 1/2- and 1/4-bridges, LVDT’s, voltages, currents, resistance, potentiometric transducers, thermocouples and Pt100 with a 24 Bit resolution.

  • CA3460 – 6-channel measurement card with 1 kHz/channel
  • CM3410 – multiplexer board for up to 36 channels with a scan rate of 200 Hz
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