04/27/2012 • Machine safety, industrial safety

Gas Detection System with Infrared Technology: Compur Statox 501 MC IR and LC IR

Protect your plant from explosions for a very economical price.
The Compur Statox 501 IR LC and IR MC offer state of the art sensor technology at a very economical price. Both sensor head consist of a housing including a terminal and the sensor with integrated electronics. The sensor operates with infrared absorption – it absorbs light at a wavelength of 3,4 µm. At this wavelength all substances with a C-H bond, i. e. all hydrocarbons will be detected.

The sensor operates at the same voltage as a catalytic sensor. Therefore it can be operated with the Compur Statox 501 control module. It displays the measured value and generates alarms with three powerful relays (max. 2 A), who can activate flash lights, beacons or ventilators.

This technology offers all advantages of infrared gas detection at a price almost as economical as catalytic sensor technolgy.

Even existing systems with catalytic sensors can be upgraded to an infrared gas detector without replacing the entire hardware.

While LC IR type is best for Methane, the MC IR type is best for all other gases. This type can easily be calibrated to liquid substances with a reference gas, for instance Butane using a reference factor. This makes maintenance work in the field a child´s play.

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