05/30/2012 • Sensor Technology

Rotating Torque Measuring Flanges from Manner now with 24 Bit Resolution

Manner Sensortelemetrie developed an extreme highly resolving torque measuring flange with 24 bit resolution especial for friction power measuring. This tool is enormous beneficial at this time when the friction power losses in the automotive field are in the focus . Such a measurement equipment is indispensable at the adding of efficiency optimizing potential in a per mill range. The torque values are already recorded in the measuring flange with a high-precision measuring amplifier. They are digitized in the rotor with 24 bit and subsequently transferred to the measuring computer without any further loss of accuracy. The digitized measuring values can be transferred to the computer by CAN or Ethernet.

A reconversion into an analogue value does not make sense due to the high exactness. Additional the temperature of the testing object can be online recorded to correct the zeropoint and gain changes at the measuring computer that are conditioned by the environmental temperature changes. The friction moments can be high-precision measured without changing the measuring flange in spite of operating load resistance. This saves testing period and costs. The measuring flange can be used for the test facility field as well as for the vehicle field.

The wide operating distance between rotor and stator and the robust digital transmission method of sensor telemetry has proved in practice.

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