05/21/2012 • Image processing / Optical metrology

Grasshopper Express: High Resolution Extreme Sensitivity

This FireWire line includes sensors with EXview HAD CCD II™ technology to deliver high resolution, high quantum efficiency, reduced smear, and increased near infrared sensitivity in a compact, low-cost package. Applications imaging fast moving objects will benefit from improved sensitivity, post capture gain, and shorter exposure values to eliminate motion blur. The camera’s high infrared response allows industrial customers to detect features and defects at higher wavelengths beyond the visible spectrum. Industry-leading pricing and best-in-class image quality make the new GX ideal for applications in machine vision, bioscience, traffic and GIS applications.

GX-FW-10K3M-C 1.0 MP Kodak KAI-01050 CCD 1/2", Mono, Global 1024x1024 70 FPS 5.5 µm
GX-FW28S5M/C-C 2.8 MP Sony ICX674 CCD 2/3", Mono/Color, Global 1932x1452 26 FPS 4.54 µm
GX-FW-60S6M/C-C 6.0 MP Sony ICX694 CCD 1", Mono/Color, Global 2736x2192 11 FPS 4.54 µm


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