04/27/2012 • Machine safety, industrial safety

Compur Statox 501 PID (Photo-Ionisation-Detector) detects volatile organic Compounds - VOC

Statox 501 PID – the allrounder in gas detection
PID (Photo – Ionisation – Detectors) are very useful for the detection of gases which are not detectable with more specific sensor technology such as electrochemical sensors. The most important target gases are fuels and solvents. (VOC)

In the PID sensor the molecules of the target gas will be transformed into electrically charged radicals by a high – energy UV light beam. These radicals are made to pass a capacitor, in which they are discharged. This discharge current is proportional to the number of radicals, i.e. the gas concentration.

The Compur Statox 501 PID operates with a high quality 10,6 eV lamp, so that all substances which can be ionized below 10,6 eV can be detected.

Detectable gases: VOC

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