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Nano Particle Sizer ANALYSETTE 12 DynaSizer - Sizing into the Nanorange!

Particle size measurements with dynamic light scattering between 1 and 6000 nm!
The new Nano Particle Sizer ANALYSETTE 12 DynaSizer measures real particle size distributions with smallest sample quantities and in an extremely wide concentration range of 0.0003 Vol.-% up to 40 Vol.-%. Fast and reliable data is collected with direct sample application into the instrument without any cuvettes.
Smallest sample volumes
For measurements with the ANALYSETTE 12 DynaSizer only smallest sample volumes of 50 µl - 5 ml are necessary, which are applied directly onto the optical measuring cell inside the instrument; making disposables such as cuvettes or similar obsolete. Due to the well conceived design the ANALYSETTE 12 can be quickly and comfortably cleaned and is immediately ready for the next measurement.
Measurement of ultra-thin layers
Due to the cuvette-free design and the innovative ultra-thin layer technology the thickness of the sample layer is scalable. So even ultra-thin sample layers with very high particle size concentrations, as well as dark media, like ink and oil, can be measured. Your advantage: unwanted multiple scattering effects on the result are prevented.
Variable laser power
The laser power of the ANALYSETTE 12 DynaSizer is customizable and permits adaptation to broad application ranges in terms of particle size and concentration. The maximum output power of 65 mW at a wavelength of 658 nm and the very sensitive detector even enable the measurement of low particle concentrations.
Intelligent evaluation
The powerful Padé-Laplace algorithm is available for analysis. Combined with the multi-acquisition mode complete particle size distributions can be determined. Of course conventional methods such as Cumulant or Contin can also be used. And for newcomers to dynamic light scattering the provided simulation module offers possibilities for quickly exploring the potential of the measurement process.
Effective, user-friendly and accurate to the nanometer!

The advantages of the Nano Particle Sizer ANALYSETTE 12 DynaSizer - at a glance:

  • Particle size measurement via dynamic light scattering at a constant scattering angle of 135°
  • Measuring range of 1 to 6000 nm
  • Particle concentrations from 0.0003 Vol.-% up to 40 Vol.-%
  • Smallest sample quantities 50 µl - 5 ml
  • Simple sample feeding directly into the instrument without cuvette
  • Ultra-Thin Layer - an extremely thin measurement layer avoids multiple scatterings
  • Variable laser intensity according to the dispersion concentration
  • Dark dispersions like ink or oil are measureable without any difficulties
  • Limitation of laser-induced-temperature-effects
  • Sample temperature selectable between 15ºC and 70ºC
  • Intelligent evaluation with high-performance Padé-Laplace algorithm
  • Measurement of the real particle size distribution
  • ISO 13321 / 21 CFR part 11
  • Extremely easy handling

Test the FRITSCH Nano Particle Sizer!
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