01/09/2012 • Image processing / Optical metrology

SensoPart VISOR® Code Reader

With the new VISOR® Code Reader, SensoPart is offering a device to meet the highest demands in the field of automatic product identification.
A powerful acquisition algorithm in a compact Vision Sensor delivers a high degree reliability through its ability to recognize even poorly readable code. The Code Reader can be used for all industry-common 2D and 1D codes, including the Data Matrix ECC200 and EAN13, where it can even be utilized under difficult environmental conditions e.g. for dirty, damaged or directly marked codes. This feature is particularly useful when the reader is used in the automotive sector to recognize nailed codes on rough surfaces.
Several codes can be acquired with a single read operation. Through the new VISOR® platform, the new code reader can be utilized at high acquisition cycles with up to 25 readings per second.
The combination of two functions in one device - code acquisition and object recognition - provides the perfect degree of efficiency. With the additional object recognition it is possible, in addition to the acquisition of the actual code, to check further properties such as the presence of labeling and characters or the positioning of the code within its surroundings.
SensoPart has also greatly expanded the connection options of the Code Reader with functionalities for the connection to PC and PLC systems:
Images and numerical results can be written directly to files on the network, or read from a drive on the Code Reader. Beyond that the connection options to the PLC world have been greatly simplified for the user through PLC function blocks which are available free of charge for industry-common PLC systems.

The easy learning procedure for codes ensures an easy handling, a fast commis-sioning and a very rugged acquisition behavior. During this, the same code can be taught for different environmental conditions, for example, different lighting conditions and position states. Tolerances for the printing quality of the codes can be acquired by learning. The comfortable PC software for the commissioning is also free of charge.
The devices are mechanically and electrically compatible with other VISOR Sensors (e.g. object sensor). This allows for the use of the same accessories such as cables, adapters, lights for both product families.

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