12/20/2011 • Food design, hygiene and monitoring • Plant construction and components • Systems and Components

Elimination of grease mist and odour

REVEN presents a combined grease mist and odour separator suitable for applications in food processing, chemical and process industry. The separator is fitted in the exhaust air duct of the extraction system. The available appliances can handle air volumes from 600 to 4.000 m³/h.

The three-stage design includes a cyclone separator that collects finest oil, grease, emulsions, other fluids and solid particles. In the second stage, odorous matter and other gases are removed from the exhaust air with the help of a UV system. The third stage consists of a fine-meshed stainless steel catalyst and provides for the oxidation of the remaining odorous substances.

The separating rate is adjustable in several stages. This option increases the service life of the combination and the UV tubes in particular to up to 20.000 operating hours. The scope of delivery includes a control cabinet with instrumentation and control equipment for the system.


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