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Stylish, light, L10

L10 (pronounced: El-ten) - under this label fashion-conscious employees can soon find stylish safety shoes, that not only provide superior protection from accidental injury, but that also look great. For everyone who feels most at home in their leisure time in their well-loved sneakers, the fashionable L10 safety shoes which take their style cues from canvas sneakers are the ideal work partner for everyday wear!

With seven different designs already the L10 range will be launched this winter. Whether textile uppers, smooth or nubuck leather; whether earthy brown tones, discrete black or hot vintage-look; whether low-cut shoes or high-leg boots - if you're looking for contemporary, fashionable diversity, then you've come to the right place at L10. By the way, the design of our new trend-setting brand comes from Italy.

All L10 models are manufactured wholly in Europe, from the sole to the upper. The double-density outsole is a self-developed shape, that is injection moulded in our Uedem factory - this manufacturing method offers a large weight saving in comparison to the glued soles of other sneakers on the market. A further feature of the new range is the use of the finest leathers for the uppers, which are produced exclusively in Germany. All this with high social standards and completely CO2 neutral. This has become possible by a joint cooperation with the Josef Heinen leather factory in the lower Rhine region.

This is where we obtain our terracare®-certified uppers' leather for our new range, which by the way comes from cattle in Germany or the Netherlands. This is why the L10 sneakers are not only at the head of the trend in terms of design but they also stand for sustainability and fairness in dealings with both people and nature.

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