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Panasonic 1MOS Full HD Micro Camera

Panasonic offers the 1MOS GP-KH232 Full-HD micro camera system supporting 1080p. Thanks to the 1chip CMOS approach, the HD camera head becomes extremely small. The video format can be switched between 59.94Hz and 50Hz. Furthermore, the GP-KH232 achieves horizontal resolution of 900 TVL. With a required illumination of 2000lx (at F5.6) and a signal to noise ratio of 54dB, the micro camera delivers a truly convincing performance.

HD quality in micro format from long distances
The video signal is already digitized right in the camera head. The subsequent digital processing chain guarantees true colour reproduction and no loss in resolution. GP-KH232 will support cable lengths up to 15m which increases the number of applications. Multi formats including HD, SD, digital, and analogue are also available. In order to provide the best possible connection to HD monitors, the Panasonic camera system features digital HDMI and analogue HD RGB/YPbPr interface. The HDMI output now provides different formats from 720p, 1080i up to full HD with 1080p. If necessary, the camera can be switched to the supported HD format or the conventional 576i and 576p SD formats.

Outstanding performance and functionality
Thanks to further improvements to the sensor, even minute details can be examined carefully. The Full-HD 1MOS GP-KH232 camera system also features Electronic shutter, Gain control, Scene file, White balance, Electronic zoom, Image freezing, Flip & Mirror and Dynamic range expansion to enhance the simultaneous display of light and dark objects. Three storage locations for different colour temperatures are available for the white balance values.


  • 1/3“ CMOS head with 1920 x 1080 Pixel,
    - 900 TV Lines resolution and
    - Ultra compact size
  • Multi video format camera (50Hz and 59.96Hz)
    - HD: 1080p (HDMI only), 1080i and 720p
    - SD: 576(480)p and 576(480)i
  • Remote head cable with loss-free digital signal transmission up to 15m (for OEM components)
  • Picture enhancement functions
    - Frequency selectable Detail enhancement
    - Dynamic range enhancement
  • Picture manipulation functions
    - Image mirror, flip and rotate
    - Electronic Zoom (max 2.5)
  • Natural color settings (16-axis colour matrix)
  • Also as OEM components available

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