12/13/2011 • Machine safety, industrial safety

High-quality safety shoes for tough industrial applications in extreme temperatures / safety footwear for extremely tough conditions

Ultimate performance - New safety footwear range Heckel MACSOLE® EXTREM 2.0
“Ultimate performance” is what the second range in the successful Heckel MACSOLE® EXTREM safety footwear line represents and it highlights Heckel’s claim to market leadership for safety footwear that withstands extremely tough conditions.

Its capabilities were put to the test very impressively in May 2011 during the development phase of the Heckel MACRANGER. In the test centre of the customer Constellium (formerly Rio Tinto Alcan), an internationally leading aluminium manufacturer, the new MACRANGER – a special boot for foundries and steelworks – passed the demanding immersion tests. The MACRANGER withstood a bath in liquid aluminium with a temperature of approx. 800 °C. The temperature inside the shoe did not exceed 71 °C and so the safety shoe would protect the foot for a sufficient length of time at extreme temperatures.

The pivotal element of the new development is the improved MACSOLE® rubber sole technology which now includes a three part outsole system. One sole provides protection in cold conditions below -20°C, one sole in standard temperatures of -20°C to +300°C, and one in temperatures above 300°C. Further MACSOLE® EXTREM 2.0 series innovations are the MACSOLE® Thermo Control System, the MACSOLE® Fit Control System and the asymmetrically shaped additional toecap. These are innovations that significantly increase wearer comfort.

In addition, some models have unique features, such as the new Heckel MACTREK GTX, an outdoor boot with GORE-TEX®. The foot is protected from falling objects by a removable second tongue, which also helps adjust the shoe to the strength of the foot.

Summary: the first seven models in the MACSOLE® EXTREM 2.0 range offer solutions for many specialised areas of use, withstand the toughest conditions and still provide the highest level of comfort. Additional models will follow in 2012. You can find out more about MACSOLE® EXTREM 2.0 in the brand new catalogue and in the Heckel area of the uvex safety group’s trade fair stand at A+A 2011, Hall 3 F36/H47.

About Heckel Sécurité
Heckel Sécurité is based in La Walck, Alsace, France, and manufactures high-quality safety shoes. It is a subsidiary of the global uvex safety group, which is headquartered in Fürth, Germany. Heckel Sécurité focuses on safety footwear concepts for tough industrial application in extreme temperatures, hot and cold, as well as for heavy and light industry and construction

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