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Safe monitoring of drive rotational speeds - up to PL e and SIL 3: safety-oriented monitoring of drive speeds

With its new MOC3SA Speed Monitor, SICK has expanded its portfolio of sens:Control safe control solutions with the functionality of safe monitoring of drive rotational speeds. The new Motion Control module meets the safety levels of PL e according to EN ISO 13849, SIL3 in compliance with IEC 61508 and SIL3CL according to EN 62061. Typical applications include the speed-dependent release of mechanical door latches during machine operation or the operation of drives with safely reduced and monitored speeds, e.g. in maintenance or setup modes.

The MOC3SA Speed Monitor allows the simple, flexible and economical monitoring of safe stops and safe rotary speeds of drives. Of particular interest to users is the large number of differing operating modes, permitting cost-optimized adaptation of the monitoring solution to the particular safety level. The best operating mode for a particular use is automatically suggested by the design aid software tool – useful for project planning. Configuration is then easily undertaken via two rotary switches on the module housing. Finally, the MOC3SA Speed Monitor supports the most varied of sensors and signals – including “non-safe” – so that the same Motion Control module can always be used regardless of the sensor involved. This simplifies customers’ purchasing and stock-keeping, as well as the service availability of the MOC3SA Speed Monitor.

Safe monitoring of speed during production and maintenance processes
The safety-oriented monitoring of drives on machinery and plant is important in a variety of scenarios. The MOC3SA Speed Monitor permits the monitoring of mechanical door latches on palletizers, processing machines or transfer stations between handling systems or robots and persons. The doors are only released for machine operation when the drive is at a standstill or the speed is so low that it no longer poses any danger. The MOC3SA Speed Monitor is also the ideal solution when the operation of a drive during maintenance, setup or testing work is involved, e.g. on a filling plant, conveyor system or rotary table, in order to safely reduce and monitor the drive speed during these operating modes. Finally, more complex tasks, such as monitoring deceleration requiring a controlled stoppage of the drive, can also be implemented using the logic of the FlexiClassic and FlexiSoft control systems.

The MOC3SA Speed Monitor – for the safe monitoring of rotary speeds and drive stops.

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