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distance sensor for the horizontal and vertical positioning, distancing and collision protection

Highly dynamic positioning with low operating costs
Precise and, when necessary, highly dynamic positioning with low operating costs thanks to intelligent solutions for rapid integration and diagnosis – the new DL100 Hi distance sensor from SICK uniquely combines technical and economic user benefits. The sensor is used, for example, for the horizontal and vertical positioning of storage and retrieval devices in handling and warehousing systems, or for distancing and collision protection on overhead cranes. It offers the standard interface options required in these applications, including RS422, SSI and PROFIBUS DP.

The DL100 Hi is based upon a new modular platform concept for distance sensors for positioning applications, with which SICK can meet differing customer demands and application requirements very flexibly, rapidly and economically.

Maximum precision and unique dynamism
As the first sensor exploiting this platform, the DL100 Hi operates with a laser light source in Protection Class 2, covers ranges between 0.15 m and 300 m, and uses phase time-of-flight measurement for the precise determination of distances and positions. With resolutions adjustable between 0.1 and 100 mm, the sensor achieves accuracies of +/-2 to 3 mm with reproducibility values of +/-0.5 to 2 mm depending on the measurement range. The DL100 Hi is the ideal sensor wherever highly dynamic operation of, for example, storage and retrieval devices, offers greater economic efficiency and value creation. Like its operation, the device’s measurement data output allows the implementation of highly dynamic applications with acceleration values of up to 15 m/s2 and maneuvering within rigorous position control loops. As a result, the storage and retrieval devices can achieve shorter run times and thus more single and double runs per hour – and correspondingly greater efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Minimised costs for integration, operation and diagnosis
In addition to its technical performance, during design of the DL100 Hi attention was also paid to achieving overall operating costs that would be as low as possible. Its metal housing, with an enclosure rating of IP65, allows the sensor to meet the typical demands for robustness found in handling and warehouse systems. Installation and commissioning costs are minimal. The sensor bracket, with its quick-release lock and 3D alignment mechanism for fine adjustment, as well as the highly visible laser spot on the target object, allow rapid mechanical integration. Electrical connection is even quicker thanks to SpeedConTM-compatible M12 connection plugs with quick locking. Configuration of the DL100 Hi is very flexible, via the easy-to-read sloping display, fieldbus, or computer – via the integrated Ethernet connection. This simultaneously serves as a diagnostic interface, via which remote maintenance of the sensor is also possible within a machine or plant network. In this way, the DL100 Hi can transmit comprehensive status, diagnostic and maintenance data – also preventively – minimizing the risk of downtimes whilst improving and optimizing plant productivity.

Maximum precision and dynamism, low overall operating costs – the DL100 Hi is the technical and economically efficient solution for positioning and distancing tasks in many applications in handling and warehousing systems.

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