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Compact safety controller with 18 safe inputs, four safe semi-conductor outputs and two safe relay outputs

At SPS / IPC / DRIVES, the Schmersal Group will present the new PROTECT SELECT series, thus closing the gap between safety relay modules and programmable safety control systems.

The new, compact safety controller can be adjusted to the individual application without programming, just by navigating through the menu of the clear text display. This simplifies the implementation to the machine builder; the safety controller is clearly more flexible and cost-saving, considering that one PROTECT SELECT replaces up to eight safety relay modules (up to PL e or SIL 3). With its size of only 52.5 mm, the module also saves space in the control cabinet.

18 safe inputs are available to monitor all conventional safety switching devices, such as emergency stop, safety switches, solenoid interlocks, safety mats and optoelectronic safety devices. At output level, four safe semi-conductor outputs and two safe relay outputs are available. For any of these safe outputs, the user can individually set the Stop 0 or Stop 1 functionality through the display menu. Moreover, four optional signalling outputs provide a flexible integration of the PROTECT SELECT into the application environment.

Other features worth mentioning are the additional safe analog inputs, which enable the integration of process-critical values (temperature, pressure, flow, etc.) into the safety concept. The corresponding threshold limit values can be individually set. The integrated error management displays possible errors in clear text messages and provides hints for the elimination of the error.

Four application programs are available, which have been preconfigured for the most commonly used configurations in the field of safety and cover approximately 80% of all applications. This minimises the necessary parameter configuration and setting without restricting the flexibility. For each program, the user has the possibility to quickly activate functions such as the free allocation of external device monitoring, start-up test, cyclic test, automatic start, etc. The available programs are clearly described in the operating manual; by means of these, PROTECT SELECT can be wired as simple as a safety relay module.

Complex safety-related tasks, e.g. additional operating modes (set-up mode, process observation) or material feed through the hazardous area without stopping the machine (muting), can be easily realised with PROTECT SELECT as well.

With the new PROTECT SELECT series, the Schmersal Group makes the world of safety controllers featuring a higher flexibility and customisability effortlessly accessible to the machinery and plant builder.

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