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Modline® 5 Infrared Thermometers / Noncontact stand alone temperature sensors to serve a wide range of applications

IRCON Modline 5 pyrometers enable reliable process temperature monitoring in an extremely diverse range of high-temperature applications. Various models are available for temperature ranges from 50 to 3,000 °C. Depending on the type, they can be used in metalwork and foundry processes, vacuum ovens and kilns, heat treating metals, spot welding, and rubber and plastic manufacturing. All electronic components are housed in a sealed, stainless steel casing with a 57 mm diameter that provides IP65 protection. The high-resolution Modline 5 optics and adjustable focus allow for very accurate measurements even of small, far-away objects. Target sighting is easy and precise. It can be done visually, through the lens, or optionally by laser – thus, even hard-to-see targets can be easily focussed. Focussing is a simple matter of rotating the rear portion of the sensor, which can be locked into position. The sensors can be arranged and configured using the sensor display on the back. For sensors in hard-to-access locations, the ModView software is available for connected PCs, as is an external multisensor interface for up to twelve devices.

Integrated automatic self-diagnosis functions in all Modline 5 sensors make it easier to identify mistakes at start-up, simplify maintenance and ensure consistent accuracy. When activated, the sensor electronics are checked against the device's factory settings. If any problems are detected, the sensor generates an alarm. This self-monitoring can take place automatically at regular intervals or be started remotely via connected devices. In addition to this, an adjustment function makes it easier to determine emissivity and thus obtain the correct temperature readings. A patented DWD (Dirty Window Detector) system prevents loss of accuracy through dust, condensation or other contaminants on the window. The system automatically detects whether there is any build-up on the window and emits an alarm. Modline 5 pyrometers have standard signal interfaces (analogue I/O and bidirectional digital RS-485) that work in stand-alone and in network operation, therefore allowing the thermometers to be integrated into closed-loop and other systems.

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