08/05/2011 • Security, Intrusion Detection, Perimeter Protection • Security, Video Security, Video Surveillance

Megapixel Lens with built-in optical distortion correction for minimum linear distortions at image corners (EFV 167 MP-DC)

EverFocus presents the new Megapixel Lens EFV 167 MP-DC. The ultra wide angle offers a horizontal field of view of up to 116°. The built-in optical distortion correction provides minimum linear distortions at image corners (no "Fisheye" effect). The difference to a "common" wide angle lens becomes obvious through the following comparing images.

Equipped with automatic DC-controlled iris, this Megapixel lens perfectly matches all EverFocus Megapixel cameras, e.g. the HD-CCTV - Video over Coax - Full HD-CCTV camera EQH 5200 or the 2 Megapixel NeVio Full HD day/night network camera EAN 3200.

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