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M13 from Raytek: The smallest autonomous infrared pyrometer now includes Modbus and PROFIBUS

The non-contact M13 temperature measurement systems from Raytek are now also available with Modbus or PROFIBUS interfaces, in addition to the RS485 option. The infra-red pyrometers from the M13 series consist of an extremely fast miniature measuring head and separate communications electronics, either in the protective housing or in the top-hat rail housing. The three models cover a measurement range of -40 to +1,650 °C. The broad temperature range and high data quality mean they can be used in a wide variety of applications, in particular in process monitoring. This is the only product on the market in which the reading is converted into a digital signal directly in the sensor head. Combined with functions such as self-monitoring for cable break, this increases the data reliability enormously. At only 28 mm long and 14 mm wide, the IP65 sensing head in its stainless steel housing is also the smallest autonomous infrared pyrometer in the world. In its OEM version it can be directly connected to existing control systems via the internal digital bus: unlike its competitors, an additional communications box is not necessary.

Another unique selling point of the M13 series is its multiple-head design: up to eight individually addressable sensing heads can be connected to an M13 communications box – this minimises acquisition costs and installation issues. Parameterisation and operation are extremely user friendly. And "plug & play" is possible thanks to the digital communication between the sensor and the box, together with the patented automatic head recognition. The rugged M13 sensors have excellent EMC characteristics and can be used in ambient temperatures of up to 120°C without cooling. The software included with the communications box, DataTemp MultiDrop, allows unlimited remote access to all process values and parameters. Using the standard USB interface, users can easily log in on site for diagnostic purposes, for instance.

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