07/04/2011 • Image processing / Optical metrology • Medical tech

Full HD LCD Monitors 26’’, 32“ and 37“ for medical applications.

The new medical Full HD – LCD displays from Panasonic are characterized by high image quality and extensive special features for medical applications in endoscopy and microscopy.

The monitors implement the latest evolution of In-Plane-Switching technology in combination with the 10-bit inside digital signal processing, which provides excellent color images with a very high contrast ration from almost all viewing angles.

Medical imaging applications require highly consistent performance and accurate image reproduction. Advanced IPS technology substantially improves viewing angle, brightness, contrast, black levels and switching speed, producing the best solution on the market for multi-modality medical imaging.

When viewed from a wide angle, a monitor without latest IPS technology display will exhibit a poor contrast and inaccurate colorimetry. In a non-medical environment, this performance limitation may be not critical, but in medical imaging systems, color accuracy is vital and aids medical professionals during surgery. Advanced IPS TFT technology defeats the restrictions of conventional LCD display technology in terms of wide viewing angle, contrast ration, brightness, and color accuracy.

  • Designed and certified for medical operating room environment
  • User selectable picture-in-picture or picture-out-picture modes
  • Side-by-side display of 2 HD images; independent adjustment of each
  • Three simultaneous screen display possible, such as surgical image, playback and vital signs for 32” and 37”
  • Multiple HD inputs and also outputs are standard and already included
  • Separate push-buttons for easy control of PiP, PoP and other functions
  • Van less housing design

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