05/25/2011 • Focus on Products at Analytica • Laboratory appliances

NovaSet™-LS LHV System

The NovaSet™-LS LHV System is a complete “turnkey” solution with all hardware components required to begin processing: holder, pump, 100 mL and 500 mL reservoirs, magnetic stirrer, preassembled onto a 304 L Stainless Steel support.

The innovative design of the NovaSet™-LS LHV cassette systems significantly enhances TFF processing performance in the laboratory, offering a faster solution to reducing product waste and increasing product recovery. Hold-up volume has been minimized to typically 10 mL. A choice of reservoir sizes, each engineered with a vacuum lid, makes continuous diafiltration and product recovery extremely easy.

The NovaSet™-LS LHV Holder, accessories and fittings package provides an economical choice for the researcher who wants enhanced TFF processing performance and requires a custom system layout or already has an appropriate peristaltic pump and other equipment. Convenient luer-lok fittings allow connections to be made easily to the supporting equipment

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