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Hybrid Realtime Network Video Recorder with 32 Channels (analog/digital), 1400 Mpixel/s image processing data rate and up to 12TB HDD capacity

MULTIEYE-NET NVR Network Video Recorder
The MULTIEYE Network Video Recorder of the NET-NVR series is characterised by user friendliness, functionality and efficient operation. The NET-NVR features 32 IP video inputs of which 8 are activated and can be unlocked at any time easily online by software licenses.

The recorder can process image data rates of up to 1400 megapixels per second and thus is well suited for applications in connection with megapixel cameras. For easily integrating network cameras the software supports more than 800 of the most common IP cameras and video servers from more than 80 different manufacturers. This enables ultra-fast and uncomplicated adaptation.

Thanks to their high functionality and efficient performance the NET-NVR video recorders are suited for almost all video surveillance applications in the professional and industrial areas. They feature a modular construction, are scalable and easy to modernise and thus represent a low-risk investment for your customers.

The MULTIEYE recorders' basic configuration already features video monitor and alarm management. Several users may a simultaneously access the live data as well as recorded data by means of PC, notebook, iPad or PDA and through various networks/band widths. Several MULTIEYE recorders - in connection with the VideoCenter III - can be expanded to a large-sized system with 1000+ cameras.

The NET-NVR recorders are also available in a version that is certified by the BGV-Kassen (German Accident Prevention & Insurance Association).

Features Network Video Recorder Type NET-NVR

  • 32-channel network video recorder of which 8 IP video inputs are activated. Expandable through licenses
  • 4 TB storage capacity, optional
  • Recording frame rate max. 800 fps*
  • Image processing data rate max. 1400 MPixel/s*


  • Easy to use and well-structured
  • Scalable through a number of software and hardware modules and licenses
  • Quadplex operation
  • Support of common IP cameras and video servers from more than 80 manufacturers
  • Support of video codecs: JPEG, MJPEG, MPEG-4 and H.264
  • Future-proof: support of IP cameras up to 20 MPixel resolution
  • Motion Detection, camera independent
  • Private-zone masking support
  • Hot-zone megapixel zooming during live monitoring, replay, controllable by mouse or joystick
  • Alarm inputs and relay outputs: in combination with recorder IO-upgrade, IOs of network cameras/video, IO-server
  • User administration: clearly arranged, versatile configuration, supports the "four-eyes" principle
  • Software update: by MULTIEYE LiveUpdater conveniently via internet

Live monitoring and remote surveillance

  • Programmable multiscreens with hot spot monitor
  • Multimonitor support
  • Remote surveillance with bandwidth throttle optimization, perfect for megapixel operation
  • PDA ready (without additional software or plug-in)
  • ImmerVision IMVI-1/3 panamorphic lense support: distortion-free live display and recordings, supporting quadview and digital PTZ

Recording / replay / analysis

  • Multifunctional storage management, choice between dynamic or static recording modes
  • Pre-alarm, post-alarm and suspicious alarm recording
  • Event-driven recording by motion detection, timer operation, alarm inputs, keywords, data interface
  • Replay by MultiPlayer, NetworkPlayer, Webbrowser. Simultaneous playback, keyboard-, joystick-, jog shuttle support, 1,2,3 and 4-fold display, wide range of search criteria
  • Smart Search, ultrafast evaluation and analysis of video footage with "MotionSearch“, "MotionTrack“ and "Motion Histogramm“ functions


Reliability / security / service

  • High operational stability through software and hardware watch dogs, crash recovery, auto-record, video/signal loss detection, Shell. Optionally by RAID1 and/or redundant power supply
  • Digital watermark in videos and snapshots
  • Alarm, status and routine messenger via email, ICQ, Net-Send or via alarm contact, data interface
  • S.M.A.R.T surveillance of hard disks
  • SystemRestorer for storing and recovery of MULTIEYE configurations, with camera reference snapshot function


  • Data interface via TCP or COM for IO servers, cash registers/cash machines, video sensors, barcode scanner, ZUKO, EBÜS, facility management etc.
  • Multilingual support available in several languages, direct switching to other languages during operation
  • “BGV-Kassen” certified version available

Technical specifications

  • Channels: 32, activated: 8x IP video. Expandable through software licenses up to 32
  • Alarm inputs and relay outputs: optionally over EX-IO Server
  • Video container format: AVI
  • Recording frame rate: max. 800 fps*
  • Image processing data rate: max. 800 MPixel/s*
  • Image resolution up 20 MPixel per IP video channel
  • Monitor output: 1x VGA, optionally up to 4x VGA/DVI
  • Serial connection: RS-232
  • Ethernet (RJ45) 2x Gbit/s
  • 6x USB; PS2 for mouse & keyboard
  • Software: MS Windows 7 -> XP Prof. and MULTIEYE-NET incl. NetworkPlayer. IP-HD and Shell
  • Hard disks: 250 GB internal for O/S and MULTIEYE-NET, 1-3 TB for video data, optionally
  • Slots for removable disks: 3x 5 ¼"
  • Redundancy: RAID Level1, dual power supply (to be ordered on request)
  • DVD-RW drive
  • Housing: 19", 4HU industry rack with 3 drive slots, dimensions (WxDxH): 430x530x176 mm, lockable front doors
  • Weight: ca. 25 kg
  • Voltage supply: 100-240 VAC (auto full range), 50/60 Hz
  • Power consumption: max. 400 W
  • Operating ambient temperature: +10 - +35°C. Humidity: 5-70% non-condensing
  • Compliance/certification: CE, EN, RoHS
  • Warranty 2 years (3 years optional)

* depending on camera resolution, IP-video codec, frames per second, number and kind of remote monitoring connections.

A number of software modules is available for the realisation of customised sector and business specific solutions. These include upgrading licenses, software modules like AutoBackup, Shell, VideoCenter II, DataLog, NetworkPlayer, PrivacyShield, ANPR number plate recognition, SDK

Scope of delivery
NG0108 8/32 channel MULTIEYE-NET NVR Network Video Recorder

Accessories and extensions

  • 810182 “BGV-Kassen” Upgrade
  • NG1502 REC HDD 1TB hard disk
  • NG1600 REC RAID1 250 GB, RAID1 device for OS
  • NG1612 REC RAID1 1TB, RAID1 device for video data
  • NG1550 REC ATX, redundant power supply
  • NG1500 REC DVI/VGA-2, 2-channel monitor output
  • NG1499 REC DVI/VGA-4, 4-channel monitor output
  • NG1053 REC IO, 8 alarm inputs and 2 alarm outputs
  • NG1004 REC IP1, license for activation of 1 additional IP-video input
  • NG1001 REC IP4, license for activation of 4 additional IP-video inputs
  • NG1003 REC NetworkPlayer, software and server license
  • NG2001 Warranty extension to 3 years
  • NG2004 Service Package MULTIEYE
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