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Video Surveillance Software with people scrambling / Video Surveillance with object filter and people filter

Privacy Protection made easy
Whether at the work place or in the fi eld of video surveillance of public places and roads. MULTIEYE® PrivacyShield offers secure privacy protection.

How does it work?
MULTIEYE ® PrivacyShield scrambles people/vehicles in motion with a special fi lter in the live view. Hence privacy protection is guaranteed at any time. Actions remain recognisable.

However, the original images are recorded in the unfiltered version. The access to the recorded images is protected in many ways. The size of the objects as well as the sensitivity can be adjusted by means of various parameters for each camera separately.

Up to 8 cameras can be equipped with PrivacyShield for each one MULTIEYE® recorder

Multiple Protection against unauthorised Access:
► Protection by means of User Administration
► Four Eyes Principle
► MULTIEYE® Shell Software Module

Why MULTIEYE® PrivacyShield?
► Intelligent privacy protection
► Low CPU load
► 8 PrivacyShield channels per recorder
► No external software/hardware necessary
► Independent of the camera type (Analog/IP)
► Multiple access protection
► Integration into existing MULTIEYE® Video Surveillance Systems is possible

Multiple Protection against unauthorised Access:

Protection by means of User Administration:
The unauthorised replay of recorded video data is prohibited by means of the User Administration.

Protection by means of the Four Eyes Principle:
The replay of recorded videos is only possible, when two users out of different groups identify together at the user authorisation (Four Eyes Principle).

Protection by means of the MULTIEYE® Shell:
The replay of videos with external programs is supressed by the MULTIEYE® Shell (Art Nr. 810153). As soon as the MULTIEYE® Shell is activated, the user access to the directories of the operating system is prohibited.

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