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5.7” and 12" Touch Panel PCs with Advanced IP65 Ratings and Wide Operating Temperatures

Fanless touch panel PCs, the TPC-651H & TPC-1251H. With Intel® Atom™ eMenlow XL processors, SVGA TFT LCDs, -20 ~ 60° C wide operating temperatures, and new front sealed designs providing advanced IP65 protection, the TPC-651H & TPC-1251H are cost effective fanless touch panel computers, designed for use in the most demanding indoor or outdoor applications. Furthermore, these products have received the Energy Star certification, guaranteeing improved power efficiency, using 30 ~ 60% less energy than other TPC products depending on how they’re used.

TPC-651H & TPC-1251H provide 2KV isolation protection for serial ports to prevent damage from accidental shock, surges or ground loops. Isolation protection can also solve disconnection problems caused by unexpected errors. Additionally, these TPCs provide low voltage processors and heat sinks to achieve a unique fanless design, and feature a highly flexible design in that their backplanes are universal, and can be attached to any size TPC family LCD. Furthermore, TPC-651H/1251H are the first models of Advantech’s TPC series to be approved by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). With their NEMA4/ P65 front panel, they are capable of resisting the harsh conditions of any industrial environment, especially in outdoor applications or in the demanding applications of Machine Automation.

TPC-651H & TPC-1251H also provide multiple standard communication ports (2 x serial ports and 2 x USB 2.0 ports) allowing connectivity with a variety of peripherals and support for Microsoft Windows XP, Windows XP Embedded, Windows CE.NET and Linux.

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