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Leak detector ASM 310 – The ideal leak detector for mobile use

The adixen ASM310 is a leak detector for the tracer gases Helium and Hydrogen that was developed especially for mobile use. Main focus was laid on compact dimensions and low weight. The user can select between the tracer gases Helium and Hydrogen – according to what’s just available in the field. The ASM310 is the smallest and lightest (21 kg only) adixen leak detector that is based on a high-end mass spectrometer detector.

With a dry pumping system, a transport cart and a special transport box the ASM 310 is the optimum travel companion for car and plane. The unit is really polyglot and can display the test results in 8 different languages. The ASM 310 can be operated in an upright position or lying as a desktop unit. Thanks to longlife filament materials and a robust pumping system the leak detector is a reliable companion in an industrial environment.

The ASM310 is Alcatel’s entry into the next generation of user interface and electronics. Via color display and control panel all parameters and functions can be freely configured on the user interface and can be adapted precisely to specific needs. The control panel can be separated from the main unit and be used as hand held remote control. Magnet clips are holding the panel on any magnetic surface or within the main unit. The display can be read from almost any angle.

The multi functional display allows data and graph storage on an integrated SD card and data transfer according to modern computer standards. The ASM310 is compatible with Alcatel’s proven control software ASMView for leak detectors.

The ASM310 bridges the gap between Hydrogen sniffing leak detectors dedicated for mobile use and stationary solutions for the tracer gases Helium and Hydrogen. The unit is designed for optimum use in service applications and leak detection on small volumes. Main application areas are industrial installations, instrumentation, R&D, and general use in leak detection.

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