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Hansatech - Oxygraph Plus

Hansatech of instruments for oxygen measurement in gas and Liquid-Phase approx. 0,5 - 25 ml substance

Kinetics, Cell suspensions, Enzyme activity, Mitochondrion, Protoplasten, Chloroplasten, Algae, Organelles on filter disks and. A. - H - Measurement, Fluorescence of leafes. - Clark electrode. 2

The next generation Oxytherm+ oxygen electrode control unit combines striking aesthetics with enhanced features and functionality offering significant advances in flexibility and performance over previous generations of electrode control unit. As a complete system, Oxytherm+ provides a convenient yet powerful tool for measurements of oxygen evolution or uptake across a broad range of liquid-phase samples from chloroplast extractions to mitochondrial suspensions with oxygen concentrations up to 100%.


  • Convenient, low-cost system for teaching of photosynthesis & espiration measurements using oxygen electrode.
  • DW1/AD electrode chamber with base mounted S1 oxygen electrode disc.
  • Oxyview control unit with integral magnetic stirrer.
  • Oxygen content of sample displayed as mV or percentage O2.
  • User-friendly configuration via a responsive 4 button control panel and a a series of comprehensive menu screens
  • Analogue output for connection to a chart recorder or other external recording device.
  • Minimal footprint (90 x 135mm) allowing multiple units where bench space is limited.


  • Clear cast acrylic DW1 oxygen electrode unit with integral electrode sensor
  • Integral stirrer unit drives a magnetic follower to ensure adequate sample mixing
  • Computer controlled oxygen electrode system with direct on-screen display of traces
  • Custom Windows® software for instrument control & data analysis
  • System expansion to 8 channels via purchase of additional components
  • System for Photosynthesis & Respiration Measurement in Liquid-Phase.


  • Compact (170 x 85 x 40mm), lightweight (565gms)
  • Large-scale screening capacity up to 1000 full trace data files
  • High time resolution detection for discrimination of fast fluorescence induction kinetics
  • Saturating high intensity focused LED array for accurate determination of Fmax.
  • Upload user-defined, repeatable experimental protocols for automatic field execution
  • Interchangeable sensor unit cables with lengths of up to 20 metres
  • Windows® data transfer & analysis software. Portable Fluorescence Measurement System.

The Handy PEA is a transportable fluorescence measuring instrument for sheets, algae and needles. The measurements are reproducible. It is extreme easy and has compact mass.


Liquid-Phase Sensor for Handy PEA

  • Convenient "Plug & Play" design allows direct connection to Handy PEA in place of standard sensor head.
  • Records OJIP parameters from liquid-phase samples held in 2ml capped vials.
  • Range of amplification settings from x0.25 - x4.0 in addition to x10 gain in Handy PEA (effective max. gain of x40).
  • High intensity single red LED (637nm) providing up to 3500 μmol m-2 s-1.
  • Auto-zero function subtracts detector residual current.
  • 12V DC power supply.


The M-PEA (Multi-Function Plant Efficiency Analyser) combines high quality fast fluorescence kinetic and P700+ absorbance studies with ground-breaking Delayed Fluorescence measurements providing one of the most comprehensive systems for the investigation of plant photosynthetic efficiency available.

Pocket PEA

Pocket PEA
Rapid Screening
Chlorophyll Fluorimeter

  • Ultra-portable Chlorophyll Fluorimeter.
  • Rapid screening capability with single button operation & storage of up to 200 full data sets.
  • Automatic calculation of parameters including Fv/Fm & OJIP analysis.
  • Robust enclosure with sealed, high intensity optics.
  • 100kHz sampling frequency with 16 bit resolution.
  • Bluetooth wireless data transfer as standard.
  • Powerful Windows data transfer & analysis software included.


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