Wiley Analytical Science Award 2021

 Who is your favourite for the Wiley Analytical Science Award 2021?

A neutral jury, with representatives from laboratory community and users has nominated products from the two categories.

With your vote, you decide which product will be the winner.
You can vote from July 1st 2020 until September 30th 2020, and you have one vote!
You have the chance to win one from three book vouchers worth 150€.

How to vote:

  1. Click the little circle below the product picture of your favourite product (by clicking on the product picture itself you will access the product description, but you can´t vote there).
  2. Complete your personal information (company address).
    Please bear in mind: In order to guarantee a fair competition, the name and address of your company is a mandatory input - and you are not allowed to vote for your own company, in case that your company is nominated as one of the finalists.
  3. Go down and click on "Send vote".

The three products with the most votes in each of the two categories will then receive the Wiley Analytical Science Award 2021.

The winners will be announced this autumn.

Have fun and good luck!