Apply on this site with your product, service or solution. A neutral jury will decide which products will be introduced to the market and readers. Then more than 45,000 readers of the print journals and their online communities on,, and will vote for their favourite products.

If you are a vendor for safety or security, then apply now. Or if you are a user, recommend a product.

NEW - please note: In future, we will only present your product with the product and company name. The detailed description of the product will be omitted in future - but can be booked optionally as an advertorial. More information HERE.

This is the way how to fill this application form below correctly (IMPORTANT: If you are registering on behalf of a company, please provide the address of that company):

  1. Your personal information: Fill in a natural person as contact for us for feedback, incl. all contact data
  2. Title: company, product name, type (Example: Bosch: Avenar detector 4000 - Automatic fire detector)
  3. Category: Choose the right category with the tip box. ATTENTION: The jury reserves the right to assign products to other categories
  4. Description: Please tell us with a running text the facts about your product/solution. Avoid "marketing speech". Amount: 750 characters incl. space
  5. Innovations: Tell us, what is the unique selling point of your product. E.g. regarding utility, cost effectiveness or meaning for the market
  6. Image: Upload a photo with 300 dpi as JPG or PNG (please no TIF) and send it to us again by e-mail (see point 10.) - please in square format
  7. "Informationen englisch/deutsch": Please register an English and a German version of the text in the designated fields
  8. Register: Please think of submitting the registration with the blue button down below on the left side - and please consider: You are not able to submit the registration unless you fill both the fields of "Informationen (englisch)" and "Informationen (deutsch)"!
  9. PLEASE NOTE: Your registration is successfully completed when you receive an e-mail with a confirmation from PRO-4-PRO
  10. To ensure that your registration is not lost during transmission, please send your documents additionally to, keyword "Application GSA"

Closing date for registration and upload for GIT SECURITY AWARD 2024 is on March 31, 2024.

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