12/13/2005 • Video security and monitoring

Eco4 CD

Now Eco4 is available with a CD writer built in, providing a quick and easy way of copying relevant footage to standard CD media. Everything is contained in one box and is immediately available -no cumbersome cables, no problems mounting extra boxes, no hanging around waiting for additional equipment to arrive.

Simply press the copy button; select the required start and stop times to create a CD that the police can take away with them. Audio and other data related to the images is copied with the video to complete the understanding of the event. Images copied to CD are automatically played back when the CD is inserted into a Windows PC, with no additional software to install.

Internal CD writer
No external CD recorders, SCSI cables or additional power supplies are needed. Everything you need to copy images to CD in is one box, making the new units simpler to order, install and use.

Compact and familiar design
Using low profile CD technology, the new Eco4 with CD keeps exactly the same familiar front panel as units without CD and the same footprint, while only slightly increasing the height.

Two months standard recording
The new 300GB Eco4 model will record for 2 months out of the box.

Hard drive variants
Eco4 CD is available in 40, 80 160 and 300GB hard drive vaiants

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